Development phase

Tuohiräme – Kannus

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Winda Energy is planning a wind farm in Volkkilankangas, Kivijärvi. The project area is initially approximately 1750 hectares in size, located in the northern part of Kivijärvi, about 3 km west of Puralankylä. Preliminary plans include around 16-22 wind turbines for the area. The exact number and placement of turbines will be specified through discussions with landowners and the zoning process. In addition to zoning, an environmental impact assessment procedure (EIA) will be conducted for the area.

Schedule and location

The project schedule will be updated as the project development progresses.


EIA and Master planning underway


EIA-Program and nature surveys


EIA-Report and plan proposal


Approved master plan

Building permits

Start of construction work

Current news

  • 04/2023 – The EIA program for the project has been published 27.4. The program is available for public viewing 27.4-29.5.
  • 06/2022 The city of Kannus has approved the zoning initiative for the Tuohiräme project

You can read more about the project’s EIA-process: Tuohirämeen tuulivoimahanke (Ympäristö.fi)


Edgar Kekkonen
Project Manager
+358 40 168 6937
Mika Vihelä
Local partner