Responsible energy

Sustainably implementing projects is the foundation of our business. As a renewable energy project developer, we are enabling the green transition and a shift towards ecologically sustainable economy and growth without fossil fuels.

Wind power is an almost emissions-free form of energy production, available in almost limitless quantities. A wind turbine generates more energy in less than a year than what is consumed in its manufacturing, transportation, installation and decommissioning combined.

However, the construction of wind power has raised concerns related to biodiversity. Therefore, we have embarked on contemplating the prevention of biodiversity loss in our sustainability program, which will be released in early next year.

Our project development strictly adheres to legislation guiding the impacts of environmental assessments, and in our wind power projects, we conduct comprehensive ecological surveys, a process that takes several years to complete.

Our latest venture into solar energy is a renewable energy source that cannot be overexploited. Electricity generated by solar panels does not release harmful emission into the air. We are also developing solar energy responsibly, with a considerable focus on sustainable development.


Deforestation related to wind power projects and disruptions during construction can impact biodiversity.

We are currently planning a sustainability program so we can take appropriate measures to compensate for potential biodiversity loss.

We support local

In our project development, we emphasize active engagement and dialogue in the local project areas. We value local knowledge, constructive dialogue, and aim to support community cohesion in the area. We continuously take measures to promote and enhance these aspects.

Wind power projects bring additional revenue to project communities through property taxes and corporate taxes. In these projects, efforts are made to utilize local businesses, thereby supporting the growth of businesses in the area.