Our team grew significantly this year

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Winda is now a company with over 20 experts

Winda Energy’s growth has been significant in the past year, and we have welcomed many new colleagues. Within the year, 14 new people have joined our company, expanding us into a team of over 20 experts. This growth is reflected in the number of projects, which has nearly doubled. Additionally, our business has expanded into solar energy projects alongside wind power developments.

Our project managers are skillfully guiding the ongoing projects across various regions in Finland, aiming to collaborate extensively within the project areas. In our analyst team, there are diverse experts capable of conducting noise modeling, environmental surveys, and producing mapping materials to support project development. In addition, our project development also leverages external consultants and their expertise, particularly concerning Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

During construction and related to electrical design, our team includes electrical engineering professionals who oversee the implementation of projects from construction to completion. Active communication and its improvement are also essential parts of our operations, and this year, we have introduced newsletters in project communication. In early next year, the first resident magazine will also be released to support local communication for our projects. Our pleasant working atmosphere and financial stability are maintained not only by our inspiring leadership but also by a competent HR and administrative team.