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Lauluräme – Kiuruvesi & Pyhäjärvi

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Winda Energy is planning a wind farm in Lauluräme, located in the western part of Kiuruvesi and the eastern part of Pyhäjärvi. The project area is initially approximately 1600 hectares in size. The plan includes the construction of up to 22 wind turbines. The exact number and placement of turbines will be specified through discussions with landowners and the zoning process. In addition to zoning, an environmental impact assessment procedure (EIA) will be conducted for the area.

Schedule and location

The project schedule will be updated as the project development progresses.


EIA and Master Planning underway


EIA and Finalizing master planning proposal

Approved master plan

Construction permits and start of construction work


Construction work


Construction work

Current news

  • The next public event will be organized in early 2024.
  • The public event during the draft plan phase took place in the auditorium of the Kiuruvesi Cultural Center 11.12.2023.
  • The materials for the draft plan were made available for public inspection during 29.11.2023-12.1.2024.
  • 04/2023 – EIA report-phase public meeting 26.4. in Kiuruvesi
  • 11/2022 – An open public meeting was held on 7.11. in Kiuruvesi
  • 11/2021 – The city of Kiuruvesi has approved the zoning initiative for the Lauluräme project.

The material for the preparation phase of the detailed plan is publicly available from November 29, 2023, to January 12, 2024. The information can be viewed at the City Hall in the Technical Service Center and on the website – Vireillä olevat hankkeet.

Opinions and statements regarding the detailed plan draft should be submitted in writing to the address Kiuruveden kaupunki, PL 28, 74701 KIURUVESI or by email to, no later than 12.01.2024.

More information about project’s EIA-process: Laulurämeen tuulivoimahanke (ympäristö.fi)


Project Manager

Hannele Konsén
Project Manager
+358 50 307 6265
Tuomas Hooli
Chief Executive Officer