Four wind parks were opened this year

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Openings were celebrated both in Central Finland and Ostrobothnia

In Central Finland and Ostrobothnia, this fall marked the celebration of the opening of four wind parks as the Haapalamminkangas, Hautakangas, Hallakangas, and Läntinen projects were completed. Projects developed and commissioned by Winda were handed over for operation in the summer and early autumn. In some parks, project development had started a decade ago, reflecting the long-term commitment of wind power projects.

We captured impressive videos of all the completed wind parks, which you can explore below. The videos were shot by Kimmo Ervola.

The Hautakangas wind park is located in the municipality of Kinnula. The wind park consists of eight wind turbines with a total capacity of 45 MW.

You can explore the Hautakangas wind park in the video below.

In the Hallakangas wind park in Kyyjärvi, a total of eight wind turbines are now in operation.

The video below provides a closer look at the landscapes of the Kyyjärvi wind park.

The Haapalamminkangas wind park was completed in early autumn in Saarijärvi. The park consists of five wind turbines with a total capacity of 28.5 MW.

The video below showcases the Haapalamminkangas wind park in Central Finland.

The Läntinen wind park in Kalajoki is equipped with 14 wind turbines, boasting a total capacity of 79.8 MW.

Experience the full grandeur of the Läntinen wind park in the video below.