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Intro Background
Intro Background

Winda Power

Established in 2011 by Kalle Sivill and Hannu Rantapää, Winda Power Oy is an experienced Finnish wind farm developer with a track record of 3 major projects sold to international wind power investors in the past 3 years. The company has earned a solid reputation within the wind power industry.

In 2017, the majority stake in Winda Power Oy was acquired by Green Horizon Renewables, a European private equity investor focusing on renewable energy. Winda Power Oy, together with experienced management of GHR, are developing 8 wind farm projects with total installed capacity of 240 MW which will benefit from the prime wind speed conditions in the Midwest/Ostrobothnia region of Finland. The ultimate goal of Winda is to develop, construct, and operate each of the wind farms.

As Winda Power, we believe that the timing is favourable to consolidate the market by creating a portfolio of competitive, high quality projects.

Further information is accessible at:

Green Horizon Renewables

Our team

Members of the Winda team benefit from their varied backgrounds spanning energy, engineering, private equity, consulting and banking.

  • Robert Doucha Profil

    Robert Doucha

    Chairman of the Board

    Project Manager of the current portfolio of renewable investments in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Finland. Actively working on new acquisitions.

    A graduated nuclear physicist, Robert previously worked as a FEM analyst in Mercedes Benz, as a team leader in R&D of Robert Bosch and as a scientist in the Czech Institute of Nuclear Fuels.

  • Marcus Blomqvist Profil

    Marcus Blomqvist

    Member of the Board

    Partner in Merasco Ltd

    In the past Partner of Heiroth Capital Ltd

    Previously worked as Entrepreneur in B&S Partners Oy and in Evli Bank Plc/Evli Property Investments Ltd

  • Michal Prause Profil

    Michal Prause

    Member of the Board

    Focusing on new wind power acquisitions in the Nordics region. Managing the European renewable portfolio as Investment Manager at Green Horizon Renewables.

    Previously worked as an analyst in the high-tech industry team of BHM Group, as a consultant at A.T. Kearney and as an economic analyst of the British Embassy in Prague

  • Kalle Sivill Profil

    Kalle Sivill

    Managing Director and Founding Partner

    Project Manager & Wind Farm Developer of Winda Power Oy

    Previously worked for Global Strategy Sourcing at WinWinD Oy and as Procurement Director at Moventas Oy

  • Hannu Rantapää Profil

    Hannu Rantapää

    Project Manager and Founding Partner

    Project Manager of Winda Power

    Previously worked as Wind Turbine Technology Consultant in IAI GmbH (China) and for Offshore wind installation systems in Hollming Oy

Our portfolio

Winda Power has currently 240 MW of wind projects under development. The aim of the company is to develop, construct, and operate each of the projects in the portfolio.

Our strategy is to select projects in suitable locations with attractive wind speeds. We utilize and employ the latest technology that complements the characteristics of each project in order to ensure competitiveness of the projects even in a grid-parity environment.


Size: 30—45 MW
Location: Northern Central Finland - Kyyjärvi
Status: Ready-to-Build


Size: 30—45 MW
Location: Northern Central Finland - Kinnula
Status: Ready-to-Build


Size: 16—20 MW
Location: Northern Ostrobothnia - Liminka
Status: Ready-to-Build


Size: 60—70 MW
Location: Northern Ostrobothnia - Kalajoki
Status: Ready-to-Build

Haapalammin-kangas Saarijärvi

Size: 24 MW
Location: Northern Central Finland - Saarijärvi
Status: Ready-to-Build

Project 1

Size: 27 MW
Location: Northern Ostrobothnia
Status: Under Development

Project 2

Size: 14 MW
Location: Northern Ostrobothnia
Status: Under Development

Project 3

Size: 30 MW
Location: Northern Ostrobothnia
Status: Under Development